Statement by the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Myanmar, Vijay Nambiar, on the Kachin Peace Talks.

Yangon 5 November 2013 – Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Myanmar, Vijay Nambiar participated as observer in the peace talks between the Myanmar Government and Ethnic Armed Organization in Myitkyina on November 4-5.
As agreed between the Kachin Independence Organisation and the government in October, a meeting between Ethnic Armed Groups took place in Laiza, Kachin where a Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team was established to represent the Ethnic Armed Groups in a dialogue to reach a Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement. Following that meeting a dialogue was held between the Ethnic Armed Groups and the Government in Myitkyina from 4 – 5 November 2013.
The meeting in Myitkyina was the first meeting between the combined Ethnic Armed Organizations and the Government in decades and as such represents a significant move forward in the national reconciliation process. The fact that such a meeting could take place within the country testifies to the distance that the Government and Ethnic Armed Groups has traversed since the beginning of the reform process in Myanmar.
Both sides agreed to hold a political dialogue by undertaking: a Nationwide Ceasefire; development of the Framework for Political Dialogue; and the inauguration of the Political Dialogue Process. Given the need for the Government and the various armed ethnic armed groups to have further consultations, the next meeting will be held in December 2013.
The Special Adviser was encouraged by the constructive spirit that characterized the deliberations and by the fact that so many groups have been able to come together on a common platform for their dialogue with the government. The commitment shown by all parties in bringing peace to all corners of the country was particularly commendable.
As stated earlier, the Special Adviser believes that a peaceful solution to the conflicts in Myanmar is a critical priority for the future of the country and its people. The United Nations will continue to assist and support the people of Myanmar as the country continues on its path towards peace and democracy. ENDS