Myanmar New Year Message by Renata Dessallien, UN Resident Coordinator

Myanmar New Year Message by Renata Dessallien, UN Resident Coordinator

(As broadcast on Skynet TV)

မဂၤလာပါရွင္ Mingalarbar Shin and warm greetings on this very special occasion. Thingyan is a special time for reflection, for meditation, and it’s also a time for joy and celebration. We reflect in order to improve ourselves, to improve our frame of mind, and our actions moving forward. And we celebrate to spread joy and enthusiasm and loving kindness to everyone around us.

The government of Myanmar has just reflected, on its first year in office and it has drawn lessons from that experience and re-committed itself to the will of the people, moving forward. And United Nations system is similarly reflecting, learning lessons and re-committing itself to the will of the people of Myanmar. Myanmar is a very special country.  On the one hand, history has not always been kind to Myanmar. And even today, many people still have very difficult lives because poverty still persists and inequality persists and even violent conflict erupts sometimes on the border regions of Myanmar.

But on the other hand, Myanmar is the country of great treasures and I’m not only speaking about material treasures. Treasures such as the very rich natural resources that Myanmar enjoys. But I am also thinking about human treasures and spiritual treasures. And here for me, I feel the one of the most precious treasures of Myanmar lies in the heart of the Myanmar people.

And I am speaking about the Myanmar spirit of generosity, the Myanmar spirit of oneness and solidarity with people who are suffering. And the spirit of loving kindness. This special quality of Myanmar, this treasure, has placed Myanmar at the very top of the list of countries for giving in the world. Myanmar is No 1, among all countries in the world for giving. And its not just giving for friends and inner circle of family and friends, its giving for everyone.

I was here in the year 2015, during the very massive floods in Myanmar where 12 out of the 14 states and regions were affected by the floods. And everyone came out to help whether they was young people, old people, whether it is rich or poor, girls or boys, everyone came out to pitch in and to try to help. It was on a very very inspiring moment where this Myanmar spirit of generosity flourished and it was at that time I felt very strongly that the future of this country is very bright.

We all know that Myanmar is in a process of nation building, great progress has been made and much remains to be accomplished. And its my hope and my prayer that as the people of this country and the government move forward and take this big nation-building steps for peace, for development, for democracy, for human rights, justice and equality for all. That the spirit of generosity and loving kindness will influence the process, so everyone will feel included, everyone will feel respected and everyone will feel valued because I believe in this way, a very great future is guarantee for this great country. And on this Thingyan I wish everyone very happy, joyful festivities.

Happy New Year Myanmar, Congratulations, Myanmar.  Kyay Zuu Tin Bar Deh!