Reference library

United Nations information centers are the principal local sources of public information about the United Nations. The majority of people who visit United Nations information centres do so to use the library services.

The primary function of the reference library is to enable the general public, journalists, non-governmental organizations and students to obtain materials and information about and by the United Nations.

Libraries develop and maintain a comprehensive collection of print and online materials on UN-related issues. The following list provides examples of the types of materials that might be found in a UNIC reference library:

UNIC reference libraries may also provide their users with access to online information. The following list represents some of the online materials available for browsing:

Reference libraries are evolving from simple repositories of UN material into networks of knowledge-sharing communities to offer timely and relevant support to their patrons. The growing volume and complexity of information available in the Library and on the Web requires efficient and proactive knowledge management. UNICs’ Reference Assistants are enhancing their skills to have the most appropriate and relevant tools to meet the increasing demand for reliable information resources and to provide personalized service and guidance to library visitors.